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You may be indifferent to vintage motor vehicles (though we can’t believe it 🙂 but you certainly cannot remain unmoved by the beauty of nature. The manor complex in Biała Olecka can enchant you with its location and allows you to spend a special time here. Here luxury is not measured by stars. The stay itself is already a great luxury – in peace, quiet, and surrounded by the hills stretching as far as the horizon and disappearing somewhere in the distance. And in the region with the cleanest air in Poland. To paraphrase a famous line from a Polish cinema classic – you can breathe here!

The venue’s main advantage is its intimacy and location far from Masuria’s crowded, fashionable places.

On the grounds of the manor we propose to organise a unique show: a corporate event, a social meeting, a rally or a celebration that would slightly break out of their usual framework. All of this will be witnessed by the monumental neo-Baroque palace, which has already experienced quite a lot (it has been, for instance, the venue for Baroque concerts for connoisseurs). Among the farm buildings, there is a fully functional, multi-storey granary where you can organise a jazz evening, a conference, an evening with a glass of wine, a picnic or even a classical integration event. However, what is most appreciated here is simply being outside to soak up the atmosphere of undisturbed chillout.

The Museum of Motorisation, with almost 180 exhibits, is a special attraction of this place. It is undoubtedly the largest in Masuria, with a family collection representing a wide range of Polish and world motor vehicles, both cars and motorbikes. It is possible to take a guided tour of the collection and to enjoy a ride in selected vintage cars. And this is quite a treat not only for car enthusiasts. The farm and the palace and park complex in Biała Olecka are open to organising events aimed at any profile: stage concerts, outdoor activities, balloon or car rallies, events with attractions for children, individuals, organised or even mass groups. We provide catering based on local restaurateurs, as well as accommodation within a ten-minute radius. We also have an intimate and atmospheric venue on site – the Gardener’s House.

If you have already been to many different events, a stay in Biała Olecka will certainly not duplicate any of them.

See you in the charming Humpbacked Masuria!

How to reach us?

Biała Olecka 9, 19-400 Olecko

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during the HOLIDAYS all week except Mondays

from 3 September to 1 October on Saturdays and Sundays



DISCOUNT - 20 PLN (with a valid school card)

kids from 7 years - FREE

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