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Germany. „Western” or „eastern” – The division of German motorization used to be quite clear – according to the course of the so-called Iron Curtain. And could the Wartburg have been a substitute for the Mercedes? There were times when it had to be. In fact, there is no shortage of Mercedes in the museum’s collection, from popular to representative, from pre-war to those still remembered from cab ranks. Instead, the GDR section is enriched by a range of unicycles dreamed of in communist Poland.

Wielka Brytania

Island motoring has an interesting mix that was rather dedicated to a once affluent clientele. Unassuming, but interesting because of its political connotations, is the Humber Super Snipe. This brand has always aspired to position itself higher than it was actually rated. Luxuriously equipped on the inside, while dignified and elegant on the outside, it attracted the attention of the political class in the UK. Interestingly, in addition to its home market, the next most popular were Australia and Poland. This was due to a contract overseen by Prime Minister Jozef Cyrankiewicz himself, a well-known lover of fine automobiles.

Nearly 80 were imported to Poland for use by government ministries, and were sold into private hands after being withdrawn from service. It is interesting to note that Humbers were also at the use of church dignitaries, including Primate Wyszynski. There is no English motoring without its icon, the sexiest car which is rightly hailed as the Jaguar E-type. Here in a coupe version, with a distinctive trunk lid that opens to the side. The Royal Bentley and the new-generation Rolls-Royce with self-supporting bodies complete the island’s truly gentlemanly atmosphere.


The Simca 1300 is an important part of the collection, and who knows if not its precursor. Well, it was sought out by the originator of the museum as a sentimental memento of his dad – as the first decent car he drove. Among other things, it gave the impetus to expand the collection.

The Citroen BL is a star among cars, as it has played as many film, political and life roles as few cars. In early Communist Poland, it was associated with the security forces, who had BLs for their use.


We associate American motoring through the prism of famous highway cruisers, but the richness and versatility of the automobile there cannot be reduced to a big Cadillac. In addition to famous brands, we also have less obvious ones, such as the NASH (we can’t wait for its 100th birthday in 2029) or the famous star of one movie – the DeLorean from Back to the Future, which as a design was born in such pains that a posthumous leading role was due to it, if only for the conceptual craziness of the whole project. It has its place in history and has a place in our museum.

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